Nikhil Sethi


Hello I'm Nikhil Sethi. I'm a third-year Computational Media major at Georgia Tech, with a minor in industrial design. That means I'm studying a combination of computer science, design, and liberal arts. I'm a designer focusing product, branding, and illustration.

I initially wanted to be a software engineer, but I realized that I cared more about the context of the software more than the implementation - who benefits from each feature and how the product, as a whole, can help make people's lives easier. So, I transitioned to design, where I aim for solutions that not only accomplish that goal but also evoke emotion.

In my free time, I love to take pictures, write and listen to a variety of music (from jazz to hip-hop and folk), and get overly excited about the Hawks, Falcons, and Yellow Jackets. You can find me in coffee shops overpaying for coffee, reading the New Yorker and the Ringer, or finding a new set of aspirations on Pinterest.

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